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Step In To Your Purpose

September 28, 2018

Can I please serve you up a dose of truth? Your soul is waiting for you to become the person you've always known yourself to be. Who are you willing to become at the risk of being seen and heard? What are you willing to let go of at the risk of being something greater? When you can answer some or all of these, you are ready to step into your purpose!


How do I step in to my purpose? We step into our purpose through disruption. The disruption is the path to abundant thinking through cognitive dissonance. 


What is Cognitive Dissonance? Cognitive dissonance is the form of  mental disruption where you literally disrupt your own mind by thinking of yourself in a way that doesn't match your current behavior. Your mind will be really uncomfortable because it doesn't match. Your mind will begin to call you to do the thing to make your mental conversation match your behavior.


Abundant thinkers purposely place themselves in cognitive dissonance. You have to make your self nervous by reaching for the best version of yourself. You have a calling on your life that you don't get to shake up or cancel. Abundant thinkers know they can and must radically reinvent themselves in order to live in alignment with their destiny... their soul truth.


What do you need to let go of that isn't serving you anymore? Is it procrastination? Is it insecurity? The fear of outgrowing your tribe? The fear of not fitting in? Is it comparison to others? How are you getting in your own way? Challenge yourself by making a


list of these and confront them! Each and every one of them. Your growth is waiting for you on the other side of that fear, so please get uncomfortable. What is more than your fears? Write them down. Do the words and feelings you wrote down make you uncomfortable? Good! There's the magic babe. 


Are you ready and willing to get to work? Good. Talk to me sister, I want to hear your story and your passions.

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