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I am a soul on a mission to change the paradigm we're living in.


At 40, I started waking up to what was possible for my life. I had no idea how I was going to achieve my goals but I could feel the fire burning in me. I made a radical decision to leave a toxic marriage with no plans, a small child and an infant. I was sick, in pain and extremely pissed off. I radically changed my health, became a Health Coach and while I achieved some wonderful goals, I wasn't willing to experience more pain and I wasn't willing to stop being a victim by doing the deep inner work so I spun my wheels for several more years.


When I eventually realized that my world was the result of my internal belief system- I changed it. I became the observer to my own life and recognized that while yes, I had a traumatic childhood, toxic marriage, bad bosses, shallow friendships, I had the power to change it all along and I alone was responsible for changing the trajectory of my own life. I began with a commitment to become the observer of my own life and take action on what needed to change.


I dove into spirituality, consciousness and studying energy and became addicted to personal development. Because I essentially needed to create an entire new personal reality, I changed my personality. My beliefs needed to change. I needed to believe I was worth the life I desired. I had to be willing to accept that I am solely responsible for my external reality and if I desired change, I needed to change my internal reality, on a biological level. This wasn't easy but I knew that if I could envision it, I could create it by getting onto the matching frequency and being a match for it.

When that call for stepping into serving others to help them change the trajectories of their lives was too loud to ignore any longer, I picked it up. I didn't pretend to have it all figured out and was transparent that I am self actualizing through leading others to change their worlds.